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Charles with his son Daniel on Opening Day at Nationals Park, March 30, 2008

Charles Krauthammer was a lifelong baseball fan. He loved the game, playing it from earliest childhood and continuing his enthusiasm until the very end of his life. He wrote about baseball often in his weekly column for The Washington Post, talked about the Washington Nationals whenever he could on Fox News' Special Report, and filled entire chapters of his two books with his favorite essays exploring his passion for the game.

"This is why God created baseball,

late on the 6th day"

—Charles Krauthammer  

Charles Honored at Nationals Park

On Father's Day 2023 — just three days before the fifth anniversary of Charles Krauthammer's passing — a pregame ceremony was held at Nationals Park to honor Charles and recognize his love for baseball and the Washington Nationals. Fans watched a video celebrating Charles' lifelong love of baseball, a plaque honoring Charles was dedicated at the seat he held from the park's first opening day until the end of his life, and Charles' son Daniel threw out the ceremonial first pitch

Bret Baier reports on the ceremony on Special Report Tuesday, June 20, 2023:

Watch the full ceremony here:

The plaque placed at the seats Charles Krauthammer held at Nationals Stadium from the park's opening day until the end of his life:

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