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Named after the late Charles Krauthammer—preeminent intellectual journalist and staunch defender of America, Israel, and the Jewish people—the Krauthammer Fellowship seeks aspiring writers, journalists, scholars, and policy analysts interested in Jewish ideas, modern Israel, and American democratic and civic life. 

This program is run by the Tikvah Fund in partnership with The Paul E. Singer Foundation.

The Krauthammer Fellowship is a program for talented young writers seeking to advance their careers as Jewish intellectuals. Our carefully selected fellows from the fields of law, academia, public policy, business, and journalism produce serious long-form essays and articles on:

  • American culture, law, and public policy as it relates to and affects the Jewish people

  • Jewish thought and history

  • Zionism and modern Israel

  • The strategic situation in the Middle East

  • The enduring significance of Judaism and Jewish civilization.

For more information, and to view current fellows, visit the Tikvah Fund's website.


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